Perpetual Adoration


There has been a strong drive to build and ensure a culture of safeguarding in the Catholic Church in New Zealand over the last few years...

The National Office for Professional Standards (NOPS) has led this on behalf of the New Zealand Catholic Bishop’s Conference (NZCBC). The Catholic Diocese of Christchurch is “committed to and prioritises the safeguarding of everyone, in particular, our children and vulnerable adults.

Because the Perpetual Adoration Chapel is part of the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch, we are required to adhere to the policies of the Diocese and comply with all Safeguarding policies.

The Diocesan Co-ordinator and all day leaders have…


1) Signed the NZCBC Code of Conduct and volunteer agreement. The agreement contains clear expectations of a volunteer day leader for the adoration chapel.
2) Attended a safeguarding workshop.  
3) Been police vetted.  
4) Read and understood the relevant safeguarding policies.  

In addition, the following actions are being undertaken:

1. Further develop a  code of conduct/ expectations for all  adorers.    
2. Display Safeguarding poster in the chapel
3. Matt O’Connell is the initial contact for safeguarding queries and the contact for complaints is listed on the wall in the chapel.